What You Need to Know About Lip Embroidery

Have you ever struggled to keep your lipstick in place for the remainder of the day? When you apply makeup, you check the mirror to see if it has smudged or gotten into your teeth. If you are preoccupied with how your lipstick is worn, it will be difficult for you to smile broadly or eat the meal you have been craving for days.

Even if you may not want to wear lipstick sometimes, pale lips prevent you from leaving the house. The challenges you face are shared by many other people. Because of this, lip embroidery has gained popularity in Singapore as a solution.

Here is a guide to help you learn more about the process, how it functions, and the expectations you should have if you want to make your smile more attractive.

What Is Lip Embroidery?

Like eyeliner embroidery, lip embroidery improves your lips’ size, texture, and colour. In addition, your lips will appear more prominent, younger, and more symmetrical if you emphasise their intensity. Other names for the procedure include “lip micropigmentation,” “lip microblading,” and “lip blush,” among many others.

Here, specific pigments are applied to the lips to enhance their colour or tone. Using a sterilised needle, the pigments are applied to the lips’ surface in layers of colour using slow, deliberate punctures.

Your lips will be bandaged when the procedure is complete to prevent infections. Only two to three hours are needed to complete the process.

The purpose of lip embroidery is to emphasize the colour of your lips. It doesn’t function the same as regular makeup, though. Typically, lip liner is used to give the appearance of larger lips. Because your skin and lips absorb pigment differently, this method is only successful on the lips; otherwise, the colour would wind up looking uneven.

Additionally, this process does not actually add fullness to your lips; it merely enhances their colour. It operates differently from botox or fillers. Lip embroidery doesn’t make the lips bigger. Instead, it draws attention to your lips’ colour and gives them a fuller, more defined appearance.

What Distinguishes Traditional Lip Tattooing from Lip Embroidery?

As new methods arose, there were some differences between lip embroidery in Singapore and conventional lip tattooing. Lip embroidery concentrates on the surface of the lips, whereas a regular tattoo inserts the needle deeply into the lips. The latter is less vulnerable to infections as a result. Second, traditional lip tattoos use regular tattoo ink that contains carbon, but lip embroidery employs specialist “synthetic-organic micro-pigments” that are employed specifically for the lips.

Who Makes a Good Candidate for Lip Embroidery?

Lip embroidery is typically an option for anyone unhappy with their lips’ colour in Singapore. You can try this method if your lips are extremely pale or if your lip colour is uneven and asymmetrical. Another good enough justification for getting lip embroidery is getting tired of constantly touching up your lips.

This does not necessarily imply that it works for everyone, though. Dark blue or purple lips are challenging to work with because this treatment does not lighten the colour of the lips. Due to hyperpigmentation, those with darker skin tones may also struggle with the process.

The disorder known as hyperpigmentation causes regions of skin to darken more than the surrounding skin. Additionally, you are not a good candidate for lip embroidery if your lips are freckled or have several tones.

How Long Do Effects Last?

Lip embroidery results could last for one to two years. The kind of pigments employed determines how long the colour will persist. Inorganic micro-pigments can survive up to two years, but synthetic-organic ones typically persist for 18 months.

The ultimate outcome will also depend on the colour you select. On the lips, pigments seem 50% lighter than they do in the bottle. Although it won’t look as vibrant when you swatch it to your skin, don’t be afraid to choose deeper tones instead of more bare colours. For best results, it’s better to stick with the pigment that your PMU artist has recommended.

Once you’ve done lip embroidery, touch-up sessions are not required. Although the pigment’s colour will deteriorate with time, it retains its colour very well after the initial application. However, you can choose to have touch-up sessions if you’d like, subject to your preferences and the recommendations of your PMU artist.

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