All you Need to Know About Lip Embroidery in Singapore

Have you ever struggled to keep your lipstick on for the rest of the day? You always reapply it after checking the mirror to see whether it has smeared or gotten into your teeth. Worrying about your lipstick wear makes it difficult to smile or enjoy that plate of food you’ve been craving for days. You don’t always want to wear lipstick, but you can’t go anyplace with pale lips. Many individuals are going through the same difficulties you are. As a result, lip stitching has become a popular remedy to this issue in Singapore.

If you want to brighten your smile, here is a guide to help you learn about the operation, how it works, and what expectations you should have.

In Singapore, What Is Lip Embroidery?

Lip embroidery is a cosmetic technique to improve your lips’ shape and colour. By emphasizing the intensity of your lips, you may make them seem larger, younger, and more symmetrical. It is also known as “lip micropigmentation,” “lip microblading,” and “lip blush,” among other terms. However, they all relate to the same procedure.

Specialized pigments are employed to enhance the colour or tint of the lips in this case. The pigments are applied to the surface of the lips using a sterile needle, creating layers of colour with gradual, deliberate punctures. Following the procedure, your lips will be bandaged to prevent infection. The whole treatment takes just around 2-3 hours.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Lip Embroidery?

Lip embroidery in Singapore is often available to anybody unhappy with their lip colour. You may attempt this treatment if your lips are ashen, uneven, and imbalanced. Tired of constantly touching up your lips is another great reason to get lip embroidery.

This does not, however, imply that it is suitable for everyone. Because this process does not soften the colour of the lips, it is difficult to deal with dark blue or purple lips. People with darker skin tones may also struggle with the treatment due to hyperpigmentation.

How Long Do the Effects Last?

Lip embroidery results may last up to two years. The colour’s longevity is determined by the pigments utilized. Synthetic-organic micro-pigments typically last 18 months. However, inorganic micro-pigments might last up to 2 years.

The colour you pick will also have an impact on the end effect. Pigments seem 50% lighter on the lips than in the bottle. Don’t be afraid to use deeper tones rather than nude colours since they will seem more vibrant when swatched on your skin; but, for optimal results, stick to the pigment recommended by your PMU artist.

Lip embroidery eliminates the need for touch-up sessions. This is because the pigment’s colour will fade with time, although it retains its colour well after the initial application. However, you may choose touch-up sessions based on your preferences and your PMU artist’s advice.

How Do I Get Ready for Lip Embroidery?

You may be thinking about getting lip embroidery in Singapore by now. The first step is finding the best aesthetic clinic or PMU artist and studio for your operation. You may conduct your research online and look at their ratings from the previous six months, but it is still preferable to visit them in person. Make sure you work with a qualified cosmetic artist who has extensive expertise in such makeup operations. Consultations may begin after you’ve found the perfect person and location for what you’re searching for. To prevent difficulties, notify the artist about any skin or medical conditions that affect your lips.

There is little preparation for the surgery. It is, however, not recommended that you clean your teeth or drink anything before your consultation. There is no need to be concerned about the uncomfortable procedure since topical anaesthetics are used beforehand. If you are prone to cold sores, keep your medicine on hand and always tell and seek advice from your PMU artist.

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