Top 7 Best Practices For Healthy Gums And Teeth

It is crucial to maintain good oral hygiene for healthy gums and teeth. It involves more than just brushing your teeth. One thing you should know is that your oral health can affect your overall health. It is crucial to ensure you get proper treatment for tooth decay, tooth loss, and gum issues. The good thing is that you will always find a qualified dentist to help you. Mitch Vanhille is one of the best dentists who can help you deal with these problems and advise you on how to maintain your dental health. The following are expert tips on how to maintain good oral health for healthy gums and teeth.

1. Brush At Least Twice a Day

You may have come across this point many times, and you are aware that brushing your teeth twice a day removes bacteria. However, it is crucial to brush the right way. You may be brushing twice a day but not doing it the right way. Try doing it in circular motions on every tooth. Take at least 2 minutes to do the process and avoid the forward-back motion. Brushing aggressively can damage the gums and enamel, and you may start experiencing gum erosion and sensitivity.

2. Floss

In addition to brushing, it is crucial to floss after brushing to remove plaque and bacteria between your teeth. Flossing also helps prevent bad breath considering that no food debris is trapped between the teeth. Your dentist will recommend flossing from the gumline going upwards to remove food particles trapped in between.

3. Consider Regular Checkups

Whether you have a dental problem or not, it is advisable to see your dentist at least twice a year. The professional will examine your teeth and gum and check for issues like gum disease, cavities, or cancer. The good thing about regular checkups is that the specialist can notice a problem before it develops.

4. Use a Mouthwash

After you brush and floss, take the last step of using a mouthwash. Mouthwashes contain certain ingredients that help fight plaque and gingivitis. Using a mouthwash will help improve your breath and prevent other dental problems.

5. Quit Smoking

Smoking not only affects your lungs but your overall health, including your mouth. According to CDC, smoking is the leading factor of gum disease, and this is why people are warned against smoking. Smoking causes teeth staining, and bad breath and changes the appearance of your mouth. Therefore, it is crucial to quit smoking at all costs to maintain healthy gums and teeth.

6. Use Floride

Fluoride is an essential element found in the earth’s soil. According to many dental experts, fluoride has the ability to prevent cavities and this is why it is used as an ingredient in mouthwash and toothpaste. It is advisable to use fluoride to prevent tooth decay. It is an important element recommended if you want to keep your teeth strong.

7. Avoid Sugary Foods

Too much sugar leads to cavities. Therefore, limit your sugar intake by avoiding sugary foods like candy and chocolate. Instead, drink a lot of water.

The Bottom Line

These are seven simple practices for healthy teeth and gums. It is crucial to bush the right way, floss, and use mouthwash and fluoride. Consider regular dental checkups with Dr. Mitch Vanhille and quit smoking.

Pritam Chakrabortty
Pritam Chakrabortty
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