Why Is Granola Good For Bodybuilding?

Many individuals who weight train for bodybuilding, weightlifting competitions, and to improve their fitness level are usually drawn to bodybuilding diets to maintain a lower percentage of fat and gain muscles.

A bodybuilding diet encompasses increasing your calorie and protein intake and incorporating strength training into your body workout.

Nutrition and diet for bodybuilding and training are not that different from balanced diets, which include various nutrient-dense foodstuffs.

The only exception with bodybuilding diets is the emphasis on meal timing and quantity during different stages of weight training.

Most proponents of bodybuilding diets as well depend on dietary supplements so as to build muscles. However, nutrition experts recommend getting nutrition from whole foodstuffs, like granola.

What Granola Consists Of

There is no one formula for granola. Whether it is healthy depends on how it is prepared and its ingredients. Granola is made of dried fruits, seeds, nuts, and whole oats.

Especially oats have fiber that may decrease cholesterol levels. On the other hand, nuts provide healthy fats, whereas dried fruits have potassium, which is an electrolyte that is important for different bodily processes, such as muscle contractions and cell function.

Granola is packed with carbs as well. For bodybuilders, granola can be a great source of carbohydrates to fuel their muscles as well as provide energy for busy days.

Granola for Bodybuilding

Granola is basically a suitable go-to-muscle-building snack since it is simple to carry and packs a calorie punch.

Unlike traditional granola, modern granola has a better nutritional profile, making it suitable for:

  • Bodybuilder
  • Weightlifters

Other Reasons Granola is Suitable for Bodybuilding

As aforementioned, granola oat provides the energy required at the gym, and the protein helps in repairing the muscle tissues. It will be a bonus if you get proteins from carbohydrate-dense granola.

For vegan weightlifters or bodybuilders, adding peanut butter granola to your diet is important since the source of proteins may feel sparse. In fact, one cup of oat is equal to around five grams of protein.

Another reason is that granola is rich in fiber. This fiber is important in preventing constipation, and because weightlifters need to eat enough proteins from chicken, fish, and meat, this might result in indigestion issues.

But fortunately, granola’s oat has enough dietary fiber. The fiber also has beta-glucan, which is one of the soluble fibers known for lowering bad cholesterol like LDL. A cup of granola has around 16 grams of dietary fiber.

In a Nutshell!

Granola is one of the nutritious as well as filling cereals. It is also the healthiest meal for snacking and breakfast before exercising.

Because it is rich in a high fiber, proteins, and enough carbohydrates, it is suitable for both weightlifters and bodybuilders alike.

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