What to consider before installing a pendant light?

A home doesn’t feel like home until it’s filled with warmth and brightness. You can introduce a statement element in your home with stylish yet functional lighting fixtures such as pendant lights. Indeed, it is an ideal pick to enhance your interior lighting! A pendant light serves the purpose of ambient light as well as a task light. Hence you can manipulate it as per your requirements.

In this blog, we are going to discuss what factors you should keep into consideration before installing a pendant light. Take a look at the below steps and get set to adorn your ceilings.

1. Be familiar with types of pendant lights 

Modern luminaires such as pendant lights are constructed using high-quality color materials such as glass, wood, metal, marble and so much more. 

Before you make your decision to purchase one, you should know different types of pendant lights so that you can decide on the optimal placement and position for the particular design selected. Below are examples of different types of pendant lights.

Multi-arm pendant light– As the name suggests, multi-arm pendant fixtures exude multiple metal arms that accommodate several bulbs on their arms. It might look, similar to a chandelier. The multi-arm pendant light is perfect for mounting on a rectangular or round table. 

Linear Pendant Lights– Unlike the above variant, a linear pendant light is an elongated chandelier-like lighting fixture. It is thin and long and long in its built which suspends either from a ceiling or on a surface mounted to walls.

Shade Pendant Lights- Drum-shaped luminaires are a wonderful alternate for glass pendant lights. Drum shade pendants are often made of fabric material to create a space-friendly diffused touch. They can be used to make statements in various rooms throughout the house or to complement large spaces such as the dining room, master bedrooms, and living rooms.

2. Consider the height and size of the room

After you have decided on what kind of pendant light you would like to go with, then comes the important step of choosing the size and scale of the lighting that looks best in accordance with the height and size of the room. 

  • Keep at least 7 feet of distance from the pendant light to the floor for the bedroom, foyer, or living room.
  • Hang the pendant light at least 6 feet higher from the entrance or the door of your hallways. 
  • For a bathroom, keep 8 feet of space between the bottom of the pendant light and the top of the bathroom tub. If you have a small bathroom or your height cannot accommodate this rule, consider installing a small pendant light or airing the fixture at least 3 feet from the tub.

3. Choose LED bulb over the traditional ones

Lighting is a crucial factor in your home, choose LED Light bulbs as they perform better in long run and are an eco-friendly choice as well. Efficient and bright, it’s all you need for a smart home.

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