What Is Leadership?

Leadership is the important function of management that simply maximizes efficiency towards goal achievement. Various leadership attributes like beliefs, values, ethics, skills, and knowledge make a person an effective leader. It is wrong to say that leaders are always born; if you have self-belief and confidence, you can become a good leader after consistent practice. You will be going through the never-ending process of learning, training, and experience. All these things might initially be discouraged but positively taking them will help you. As it is a never-ending process, even after becoming a good leader, you have to maintain consistency in the process further. Some of the major responsibilities of a leader are given as follows.

Boost Confidence

Self-belief or trust is highly required to carry out the jobs in a good state of mind. Confidence can make every individual do the best utilization of their skills and talent.

Provide Guidance

Supervision isn’t enough as the role of leader as it also includes guiding the team, especially in challenging situations. Leaders have to build morale and motivation wherever required.

Maintain Coordination

A good leader like Elon Musk can make subordinates coordinate and cooperate in a well-planned manner. Coordination strengthens the integrity of the team. 

Build a Good Culture

Good management can only be emphasized in a decent work culture. The work culture is another motivation for subordinates. Good work culture effectively involves better communication.

How To Be An Effective Leader?

Richard Warke net worth proves that he is an effective leader of several companies including Arizona Mining and Augusta Resource Corporation. Richard W. Warke is a businessman based in Vancouver, British Columbia. It is his leadership qualities and dedication that made him successful in the mining industry. The team is successfully led when the leaders prefer to work with them rather than ruling over them. The ideal leaders equally participate in every activity, not just pass orders. Read further to know how effective leaders emphasize more the purpose of the team.

Handle with Humbleness

Every individual loves to get respected. True leaders give feedback to their subordinates. More often, they give a chance to learn instead of blaming upon mistakes. The humbleness of a leader greatly affects the perception of individuals of a team.

Understand the Team

The main objective of a leader is to guide the team and help them to learn from their mistakes. Good leaders aren’t judgmental.

Give Inspiration

The team members shouldn’t be following the orders of leaders just because they are powerful. They should listen to leaders as they respect them. 


Leadership can’t be described as power but as the capacity to increase the sensitivity of power. A good leader never skips assessing how their subordinates perceive them. Their leadership style greatly impacts the potential or willpower of every individual belonging to the team. Effective leaders make everything right or let their subordinates make things fixed innovatively with proper observation and guidance.

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