Things I Miss (and Don’t Miss) About the Northeast

I am one of those people who has contributed to the years-long population decline in the Northeast. I left the Northeast in favor of the Southeast some nine years ago. I haven’t regretted that decision a day since. Still, there are things I miss about the Northeast.

I will not be specific about where I moved from or to. This post isn’t about comparing one town or state with another. If you happen to pick up on where I am originally from based on my descriptions, good for you. Just don’t take things personally if you still live there.

Miss: Street Food

Most of my 40+ years in the Northeast were spent living in a mid-sized metropolitan area consisting of a main city and its many suburbs. I used to love going downtown for street food when I had the opportunity. I’ve had street food in New York City, Philly, and Toronto, too. There is nothing like it. Street food in the Southeast just doesn’t compare.

Miss: The Pizza

Speaking of food, there is nothing quite like Northeast pizza, either. There’s something about the Northeast and pizza that go together. Get anywhere south of Pennsylvania and it gets difficult to find a good pizza joint. The further south you go, the harder it gets.

This is a big deal to me because I used to be in the pizza business. I started out as a dishwasher and eventually graduated to opening two pizza shops as a general manager. I love pizza. Since I cannot get good pizza where I live now, I make it myself.

Don’t Miss: The Weather

The biggest thing I don’t miss about the Northeast is the weather. Where I lived for more than half my life, it’s not unusual to get upwards of a hundred inches of snow annually. Most days are cloudy and overcast. There are very few days with bright blue skies. At best, you get hazy sunshine.

Where I live now, it’s just the opposite. Bright blue skies are the norm. It never snows, and the rain is pretty predictable. Topping it all off are incredible sunsets that you will never see in the Northeast.

Don’t Miss: The Clothes

We make our clothing choices based partially on climate. When I lived in the Northeast, I had my fair share of heavy sweatshirts, sweaters, flannels, etc. These days, shorts and Hawaiian shirts make up the bulk of my wardrobe. I rarely wear shoes or jacket.

Every now and again I have reason to visit the Plurawl website for my job. Plurawl is a New York boutique clothing brand that specializes in LatinX t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc. They sell some great stuff. But every time I see their pictures of people walking down New York city streets, I am reminded of how much I appreciate not having to dress to stay warm.

Miss: My Family

The one thing I miss the most about living in the Northeast is being near my family. Though two of my kids have moved their families out of the Northeast, one remains. Most of my siblings are still there as well. Needless to say, we don’t see each other much anymore. But that is the way modern life is. We grow up and go our separate ways.

Yes, there are things I miss about living in the Northeast. But they aren’t enough to make me regret my decision to head south. I now live in a place that I absolutely love. There isn’t anywhere else I would rather be. But that’s just me. If you love where you live, that’s great.

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