Reasons to Use Professional Ceramic Coating Services

In your search for ceramic coating services in Sydney, have you ever been tempted to forget it all and just use some DIY product instead? There was once a time when it was quite unthinkable that DIY ceramic coating would really be a thing. There are, however, a growing number of products that are DIY friendly and offer ceramic coating protections.

However, while the professional application of ceramic coating is more expensive, it comes with huge advantages over anything available in the DIY sphere.

Advantage 1: Number of Layers

When professionally applied, ceramic coating forms many layers of superbly bonded polymer coat that is extremely difficult, if not practically impossible for anyone without the proper training and experience to achieve. You can even try to apply multiple layers of the DIY product, but it’s more than likely that the bonding won’t take as well as when a pro does the work.

The solvents used at the professional level are specifically designed to create fiercely strong bonds between the various polymer layers. It’s a slow and quite tedious process that the average amateur enthusiast isn’t usually up for. That’s your car can be with a professional applicator for days.

Advantage 2: Ceramic Coating is Not One Size Fits All

DIY products are being made for a mass-market appeal, but one of the biggest reasons they don’t offer as long-lasting protection (see below) is that professional products are engineered to work on specific surfaces on your car. There are different formulations for the wheels on your car, as well the metal surfaces, glass surfaces, and vinyl surfaces. When they are applied to the wrong surfaces, they can cause streaking and other problems.

Professional applicators apply the right formulations to each surface to optimise protection from all the various liquid, dirt and chemical elements that try to penetrate and contaminate your car surfaces.

Advantage 3: Professional Applications Last Much Longer

You might think you can save money by buying DIY ceramic coating products, but the fact is you’ll be buying and applying them more often than you would a professional coating. A single professional coating when properly cared for will look after your car’s paint for up to 5 years, and possibly longer. No DIY product even comes close to that level of protection.

Speaking of which, professionally applied coatings will come with guarantees and warranties should anything go wrong. If you wrongly apply a DIY product and it causes other problems or doesn’t work, then solving that problem is entirely down to you. If anything is wrong with your professional application, you are protected and can get that fixed. The pros will typically guarantee protection from more sources, too: UV, oxidation, corrosion, stains, scratches, and of course an unbeatable shine and gloss that makes your car look like it’s straight from the showroom.

Advantage 4: Consistency

Professional ceramic coating applicators work on job after job, across many different types of cars. Doing the process over and over makes them increasingly skilled at it. The preparation for ceramic coating is time-consuming and difficult, involving a number of methodical processes that have to be meticulously carried out. The pros have got these processes down and can deliver consistent results time after time.

It starts with cleaning, then clay bar treatment, paint correction for minor issues, and that’s all before the first of many layers of ceramic coating even goes on. Washing the car seems easy, but the depth of clean is far greater than most people are used to. Applying and curing the coating then takes a lot of patience, as well as steady and careful work. These are things best left to the pros if you want the best results.

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