Most Difficult Items to Pack for a Move

Among the stressful aspects of relocating is packing. When figuring how to pack for your move, the best approach is to gather all the moving essentials you will require, then systematically handle one room after another until the work is complete.

Whether you want to move across the country or town, several things are difficult to pack and move. For instance, you need to professionally disassemble your grandfather’s clock before you pack.

The best part is that you don’t need to handle the hard part on your own. Working with a reliable moving company will help you deal with the most difficult things to pack, including the following:

1. Artwork

Artwork is a valuable item – meaning it’s costly and probably has a sentimental or emotional attachment to it. Whichever way, original artwork can be irreplaceable.

Although several artworks are framed, others can be shaped unusually, fragile, or bulky. For extra protection, you will need to secure and wrap framed artworks before you tap pieces of cardboard all around.

2. Plants

Plants are among the things you may not think are challenging to handle, but the truth is that a move could be traumatic for them. If your plant is in a ceramic planter, it would be wise to transfer it to a plastic one.

When dealing with a ceramic pot, you will have to pack it carefully to make sure it doesn’t break. Plus, most plants should remain in a temperature-controlled room. 

This means, placing them in a moving truck with 100 degrees heat will be unhealthy. You will have to put the plants in your car where the room temperature is right.

3. Shoes

Shoes are one of the major concerns when it comes to relocating. If you have many pairs of shoes in racks or attic, you must pack them for different occasions. Plus, shoes normally take too much space when relocating.

The best way to pack your shoes is to create a list of what you plan to do and the occasions you wish to attend. In order to save more space, make sure you pack lightweight shoes, like sandals and open shoes. Remember also to donate the small-sized or worn-out shoes to charity.

4. Washing Machines

The presence of washing machines in an inventory will likely elicit silent screams inside from removal companies. 

It doesn’t need rocket science to understand the reason. They are tiring to carry and require special care.

5. Fish and Aquarium

An aquarium with fish is a challenge to pack and move. Fish usually don’t survive the temperature changes and sloshing around.

Most movers advise homeowners to give away or sell their aquariums and fish to a person living nearby. This way, fish will not have to endure long car rides.

Closing Remarks!

Any move is complicated to deal with. Some items, like clothing, are easy to pack and transport, whereas others are challenging.

As a result, you should be ready for anything. Packing and moving delicate/heavy items is a challenging affair, and the best thing to do is to pack properly, toss, or give them away.

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