How to Pack Your Kids’ Room for a Move Without Breaking Your Back

Moving can be a hectic time for many people, especially when you have a family to look after and lots of responsibility. One chore that isn’t always on top of most moving lists is packing your kids’ rooms.

But it should be because the last thing you want is having the moving company around and finding out you forgot to do the essential things.

One of the best ways to make this chore easier is enlist some extra help from your kids. To get them involved, have them each receive a large box and label it with their name on one side and what they want packed.

Below are ways to help pack your kids room with no hustle:

1. Labeling box

Labeling boxes can help you pack efficiently and reduce the time it takes to unpack. Also, the children should know exactly what is going into each box as they fill them themselves.

2. The right tools

Using a label maker is a great way to make sure your boxes are labeled straight away, and you don’t forget anything. Labeling each box as you pack them also makes it easier when the time comes to unpack those items. Use packing tape that can be easily removed from furniture as this will help if any damage occurs.

3. Use the right boxes

Using smaller and lighter-weight boxes can help you pack your kids’ room without breaking your back, and also packing everything tightly will prevent breakages and damages.

4. Packing clothes

Clothes should be folded and placed neatly in boxes so they don’t get wrinkled during the move; this will help reduce the time it takes to iron all their clothes.

5. Packing toys and books

Toys can be packed in bags or boxes, same with children’s books which you should place the heaviest items on the bottom of the box. Books are easier packed if they are placed flat on top of each other instead of standing vertically.

6. Keep the bed linens

The only items you shouldn’t pack in your kids’ room should be their bedding. These can get wrinkled and dirty, which is why they must be loaded last and unpacked first when moving to a new home.

7. No food or drinks

Don’t let children take snack or lunch boxes to school for the following day, as these items should be packed last. The same goes for drinks which shouldn’t be left in glasses or open containers.

8. Donate or throw away but don’t pack

Remove anything you no longer use and donate them (or even give them to friends). It will make moving more manageable, especially when it comes to loading the truck. Don’t pack any items that are broken, not in use, or haven’t been used for a long time – throw them away instead.


When packing your kids’ room for a move, don’t forget to enlist their help. You can involve them in the whole process by letting them put items they want to be packed in their boxes and labeling each box as you go around. Labeling all your boxes will make it easier for you when unpacking too.

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