How Sitecore OrderCloud is different from other cloud platforms?

Because eCommerce is booming, the need for cloud platforms has increased now more than ever. Global retail sales increased to approximately USD 4.2 trillion during the pandemic. The share of eCommerce globally in total retail sales was 21% as of last year.

This is a huge advantage for the sellers and retail business owners because now is the perfect opportunity to take the businesses online. A smart eCommerce platform can help you in listing products, handling inventory, managing orders, and also in providing an exceptional experience to the customers.

Some of the top cloud-based platforms are Google Cloud, Salesforce, and Sitecore OrderCloud. Let us compare the features, the benefits and the advantages of all three first.

Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform is a suite of cloud computing services offered by Google. All of the services run on the same infrastructure used by Google for its internal end-to-end products like Google Search, Gmail, Google Drive, YouTube, Google Meet, etc.

Some of the features and benefits of the Google Cloud Platforms are:

Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud infrastructure allows the business owners to quickly and easily deploy their work and have easy access to everything. This is helpful for when there are any discrepancies such as natural disaster or power crisis or any other reason that could make you lose your work and data. Having cloud storage ensures its protection and security.

Data Analytics

You get a wide range of analytics tools in the Google Cloud Platform each built with unique and distinct capabilities for data management, data analytics and data reports. The Smart Analytics Platform is open, flexible and above all, extremely secure. It provides you with an easy path towards making intelligent data-driven decisions.

Computing Management

One of the features you get with Google Cloud Platform is managed computing services. You can meet all your business challenges through cloud computing by running customized virtual machines.


The Google Cloud Platform has extremely high speed and nearly unlimited storage space. Scaling is usually automatically taken care of with files being replicated on multiple locations for backup and immediate availability.


The fundamentals of security include disaster recovery plans, monitoring logs and activity on the cloud, and using Identity Access Management. It also utilizes automation and encryption for high security of all types of data.

Salesforce Platform

Salesforce platform is an enterprise Platform as a Service solution. It allows your developers to build, to test, and to resolve defects in cloud applications. It also supports CRM software and helps in breaking down technology silos.

Some of the features and benefits of the Salesforce Platform are:

Integration Services

Salesforce Platform allows you a variety of integrations with whatever platform you choose to build. Social media, email marketing, accounting, ERP, eCommerce or any third-party integration.

Automation of Processes

You get multiple automation tools with Salesforce for automating your business processes. Each tool is unique and comes with its own features and benefits for your different business functions. You can optimize and automate the processes and save time.

Tools for Developers

Salesforce provides a developer console which is accessible within Salesforce. It is fully configurable, and allows all your developers to emulate different editions of Salesforce with their individual features and functions.

Mobile Services

Salesforce has a mobile app development platform also. It helps you in instantly building and deploying mobile apps in a short period of time. You can run your business in any place at any time through your mobile by using the Salesforce Mobile App.

Cloud Infrastructure

The cloud infrastructure is a major benefit as it allows you to save your work and not worry about data loss or defects. Your data and work will be done and deployed on cloud and thus, your data is kept secure and online.

Sitecore OrderCloud

Sitecore OrderCloud is an API-first platform with headless integrations for your eCommerce businesses. It was created with the aim of solving complex business problems for all B2X marketplace businesses. You can deliver exceptional customer experiences by building your platform through Sitecore OrderCloud.

Some of the features and benefits of Sitecore OrderCloud are:

Complete Customization

You get the creative freedom and the opportunity to completely customize your platform with unique features and deliver an enriching shopping experience for your customers. You can provide personalized offerings and ensure customer loyalty and increase footfall on your website.

Increased Scalability

When there is an increasing number of requests, your platform gets the ability to automatically scale itself.

Flexibility for the future

With Sitecore OrderCloud, you can get the flexibility of making changes on the back-end without disturbing the front-end. This flexibility allows you less down time in case of changes required in the future.

Cloud-native Infrastructure

The infrastructure being on cloud provides you with security for situations when your work can get lost. The online implementations make your platform highly flexible and responsive as well as allowing you to scale it whenever required.


Sitecore OrderCloud allows you to integrate with third-party applications for your business requirements. Many complex functions of your business that require the integration with third-party platforms and applications become easy for you. It allows you to reduce your development time also.

Why Sitecore OrderCloud is the best out of all these?

Sitecore OrderCloud is the better option out of all of these because apart from the features mentioned above, you also get benefits such as:

Product, Order & Vendor Management

Reduced Cost of Ownership

Faster Time to Market

World-class Security

Enterprise Readiness

Headless Architecture


There are always options available in the market when it comes to cloud platforms. It is up to your requirements and business needs that you choose one of the best ones. You can differentiate and checkout all the features of different platforms and come up with the best choice suitable for your business.

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