Hosting When Suffering With ADHD

What does an ADHD home look like? And what’s it like being the guest of somebody with ADHD? Well, the answers to those questions both depend on how well the sufferer is managing the condition. At worst, the disruption caused by guests might mean that hosting is off the cards. At best, it means an organized home and an attentive host, just like any other.

If you suffer from ADHD, the good news is that you can certainly put measures inplace to ensure that guests staying with you is not a totally disruptive experience. The major concerns are the disruption of routine and order – so important for those with ADHD – that hosting guests can bring.

Another reason why hosting guests can often be a challenge for those with ADHD is everything that has to be done before they come. For anybody, preparing for guests can be a work of some not-inconsiderable preparation, from setting up bedrooms, preparing food, and ensuring the guests have everything they need. This last task is commonly more onerous in those with ADHD. For example, the thought that a guest might need something which has been unaccounted for in the planning can end up being pretty torturous.

This problem with planning – for anything at all – is so well documented among those with ADHD that advice on how to live with the condition is in a very large part about making planning more effective and easier. That’s why companies like Next Level Daily produce planners and an ADHD habit tracker as managing this is one of the most effective ways of living with ADHD.

And that is just the point. You can live with ADHD; there is nothing in life which you need to be excluded from – and that includes hosting guests.

Make Sure They Know

This might not always be possible. If you have people that you don’t know too well coming round, for example friends of friends or dinner guests, then it might be a little awkward to just slip in ahead of the event “by the way, I have ADHD”. However, where you can make sure your guests know about your condition.

This is not necessarily to direct them to behave differently. Many top hosts would always want to avoid that and make guests feel as welcome and comfortable as possible. Rather, it is about making the experience easier for the guests. A good example is that aforementioned anxiety of having not seen to everything beforehand. If guests know to let you know when they need something, this can be a real win-win.

Further Tips for Hosting with ADHD

Know What to Expect

Surprises are not your friend when you have ADHD. Accordingly, you should find out who’s coming and what they will need ahead of time. Thendo what you can to ensure the plans don’t change.

Know When to Go to Bed

The host doesn’t necessarily need to stay up all night chatting and drinking. ADHD is severely exacerbated by sleep loss, so don’t be afraid to make your excuses and turn in before others.

Set a Time for Cleaning

Once the guests have left, you might be daunted by the disorder that you need to correct. Nevertheless, if you mentally prepareand tell yourself you’ll get the house back in order at this time after the guests have left, you can save yourself a lot of stress.

As you can see, it might only be a few adjustments you have to make and a few considerations to make beforehand. Hosting parties and overnights is not one of the things you need to forgo when you have ADHD.

Pritam Chakrabortty
Pritam Chakrabortty
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