Here’s How to Move with Pets

Moving can be daunting, cumbersome, and can take a toll on you and your family members. And what most people do not know is that it can be equally challenging for your pets.

Whether moving out of state or across the street, change can be stressful for these lovely animals. As a pet owner, you need to be sensitive to such a transition and plan accordingly.

That said, how do you move with pets? In this guide, we discuss how to help your pet transition safely and happily. Let’s get into it!

Ensure you have the right boxes and packing supplies

Most pets love to play with packing supplies such as boxes. To help them get used to having these around, you can have them stay in these boxes for a while.

Your pets may get curious at first, but eventually, they get used to it. Conditioning them ahead of time reduces their anxiety. It keeps them from attacking the packing supplies on the moving D-Day.

If you do not have the supplies, hire a moving company equipped with the same.

Do not change your routine.

Pets are generally creatures of habit. The more you interfere with their schedule, the more their anxiety heightens. It can be tempting to ignore some of your daily routines because you’re busy packing or preparing for your new home. But this disruption can end up leading to an unhappy pet.

You want to maintain your usual schedule and give your pets extra love! They can feel the tension.

Also, play with them and keep them busy so that they are calm during the transit. When tired, the pets will want to rest even as you focus on other tasks.

Keep a comfortable space for your pets.

Plies of clothes, furniture, boxes, cartons, and other packaging materials can make your home look unappealing. Even though this mess is unavoidable, you need to maintain a clear space for your pet.

That will keep them happy. Also, get the space in your new home ready even before they arrive. That will help them transition faster.

Contact your vet

A vet will guide you on how to help your pet stay calm as you plan to move. You can ask them how to deal with their anxiety and double-check if all their vaccinations are up to date. Ensure that you get stocked up with all the essentials in case you don’t find them in your new home and that your pet is healthy before the move.

If you’re moving from your current neighborhood, be sure to ask for copies of your pet’s medical reports, recommendations for the best vets in your new location, and ask for additional vaccines if you’re moving far.

Be conversant with the pet laws before you move.

You also want to familiarize yourself with the pet laws of the area you’re moving into to avoid getting caught off guard. Know the pet requirements of your new home so that you do not get turned away at the sight of your pet. If your pet is microchipped, be sure to update their information.

Ensure to pack all the necessities.

Additionally, never leave your pet unattended any time once you move in, or they may get lost.

Choose a reliable moving company.

If you need help with the packing materials or anything required during transit, you need to hire a reliable moving company. Ensure that their vehicles are safe for your pets for their smooth transition.

Finally, pet-proof your new location by ensuring everything is safe. That includes getting rid of poisonous plants, covering all the vents, securing all openings, etc. Introduce them to their new space slowly to help transition well.

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