Here Are Some of The Things to Know About Boltless Racking System Before You Buy

A boltless racking system is one of the most popular storage solutions. Most businesses prefer it due to its durability, safety, and versatility. Still, you need in-depth information about the system to purchase the right one for your business. 

Here are some of the things to know about boltless racking when buying. 

The source company 

Where you buy your boltless racking system matters; as a popular racking system, various companies inevitably join in producing it. However, not all companies are willing to offer the same quality. Some of these companies don’t have the expertise and facilities to produce top-quality steel for boltless racking.

The other reason for possible low-quality materials is the need to gain market share. Some companies are willing to compromise the quality and offer low-cost products. These can only last for a short while. 

Work with a reputable company for the best quality boltless racking system. You can never go wrong with Boltless Rack Malaysia due to the specialization and experience. 

The types of boltless shelving solutions 

There are various types of boltless shelving solutions you can use depending on your business needs. The type of products and warehouse design also matters when choosing boltless shelving. You can only choose the right racking system when you understand all the available options. 

The two main types of boltless shelving are; single-rivet and long-span boltless shelving. The single-rivet is the simpler and lighter option, ideal for items of medium weights. They mostly come in wood, aluminium, and particle-board decking.

The long-span boltless shelving is the heavy-duty option that handles the longer and heavier items. The system is mostly made of robotic steel posts and with unrivalled structural integrity. 

The right components 

The other thing to understand about boltless shelving is the component. Unlike the other regular shelves, the boltless do not come with bolts or nuts to fasten the shelves on the frames. Instead, you will only slot the shelf decks on the perforated posts and the connecting rails. 

Once you understand these features, you will ensure you get the right size for your place. Also, the project manager will ensure every component arrives to avoid delays once you begin the installation. 


Safety is a vital aspect of all warehouses. Even though the boltless shelving system is generally safe, you have to understand how it relates to your business. For example, you need to ensure the shelf can withstand the weight if you handle heavier goods. 

Talk to the source company in case you need reinforcements for the shelves to meet your needs. You would rather spend more on the initial costs than risk losing materials and the workers’ lives due to avoidable damages to the racking system.

Bottom Line 

Deciding to use a boltless shelving system is one thing; choosing the right one for your business is another. The right shelving system for your business must offer sufficient strength to handle your weight needs and keep the items and workers safe. Understand the types, components, and safety provisions of the shelves before buying. Also, only purchase from legitimate sources. 

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