Five Principles of Ethical Journalism – A Complete Guide

Ethical journalism is when a journalist follows some ethical rules during his career. These common values are also followed by editor, reporter, and anchor. This is how they always execute their activities accordingly. There are no fixed journalism ethics, as they evolve with time and conditions. Many news agencies have their own codes of conduct and rules. They must follow these rules in any case, or they will lose their credibility. 

Five Principles of Ethical Journalism 

Every organization is based on some common rules and values. The same goes for the journalism field. Here are five principles of ethical journalism. Let’s get started. 

Truth and Accuracy 

Truth and accuracy are two basic rules for a journalist. Truth is one of the basic values for any person who is either reporting or editing the reports. If you hide the truth as a journalist, it will come out by any means. Don’t try to hide the fact and show people what is happening in the world. People love to hear the truth and reality-based facts. 

Similarly, no one can deny the accuracy when it comes to reporting any news. Always describe the exact fact and figure. Your information should be accurate and precise. Don’t overrate things when you are describing anything, and write things as they are. 


Honesty is one of the leading values of a journalist. A journalist is known for his honest views and honest thoughts. He is never biased but gives honest views. Honesty is more like accuracy and speaking the truth. You should always be honest as a speaker or writer because every sensible person wants to hear unbiased things only. Journalists such as Nick Gamache CBC know this fact and always ensure to provide what’s fact and reality only.

Fairness and Impartiality 

Many stories have more than two sides. A reporter or journalist should be fair in his writing or speaking. No matter how strong you have a relationship with a person, you must be impartial in every possible way. A journalist might have some association with someone, and he doesn’t want to give reporting on this matter; however, you should do honest reporting only. Similarly, impartiality brings credibility and confidence. Always consider everyone equal as a responsible reporter. 


Nowadays, many journalists are oriented towards a political group, or they have some sort of association with a special interest group. As a true journalist, you should not show any affiliation with any political organization. You have complete and utmost freedom by all means. Your talking should be around public interest. A journalist is allowed to speak anything he feels and observes. 

Public Accountability 

Every news agency or channel is accountable as people listen to them. If something bad happens, they must issue a notice and explain everything in detail. 


Journalists such as Nick Gamache journalist always hold these elite rules as their topmost priority. A person who lacks these rules is hard to trust. As a journalist, your honesty and integrity matter a lot.

Pritam Chakrabortty
Pritam Chakrabortty
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