Fitness Facts: Why You Should Be Flexible

When planning their workouts, many people do not budget their time correctly. It is a big mistake to put too much focus on muscle gain over flexibility. People who focus only on activities like weight lifting are not likely to be as successful as people who combine activities like weight lifting with activities like yoga and tai chi. 

Pre-Workout Benefits

Being flexible can help you to stretch better before and after your workouts. It is important to stretch before and after any type of exercise- light, moderate, or strenuous. Stretching helps both athletes and non athletes avoid injury and pain associated with physical activity. Stretching can also help to improve flexibility. It is important to never force a stretch. Instead, make small amounts of progress over time. Always make sure that you are hydrated before stretching in order to maximize the benefits of your flexibility. Being flexible can help you stretch deeper and more comfortably. 

Better Range of Motion

Flexibility is also helpful if you are looking for ways to improve your range of motion. Being able to move rotate and twist the body comfortably is important for many sports and exercises. Flexible athletes can often have a better range of motion than athletes who do not focus on flexibility. Flexible people are less likely to experience muscle and joint stiffness during exercise. Muscle and joint stiffness can also occur because of day to day obligations like work and childcare. Flexible people are often able to do things like carry children, move furniture, and play with pets more comfortably than people who are not flexible. 

Lean vs. Bulky

Not everyone wants a stocky and bulky look to their muscle tone. In fact, this in not the most popular aesthetic at all. If you are looking to build long lean muscles instead of bulky ones, you may want to focus more on your flexibility. You can do this by adding at least five to ten minutes of flexibility training to your workouts. Then, you can move on to more difficult activities designed to add muscle mass. Specifically, many women strive for this long and lean aesthetic but it is generally seen as desirable for most people. 

Lifting weights, running, biking, and swimming can cause muscle pain. Sports like football, baseball, and volleyball can all cause muscle pain as well. If you want to experience less pain during and after your workouts, it is important to train your flexibility. You can do special flexibility training sessions separate from your other workouts or you can train flexibility before and after working out. After a long workout, it may seem difficult to get through another five or ten minutes of flexibility training, but it can be worth it. The next day you are far less likely to experience extreme muscle pain if you have also trained your flexibility in addition to your muscle groups. 

Some people argue that being flexible is more important than being strong. Other people argue that being strong is more important than being flexible. Neither is the case. Being both flexible and strong is better than being just one or the other. Most sports and exercises require a balanced combination of strength and flexibility. An aesthetic that is both strong and flexible is also more pleasing and desirable for many people. If you currently only do flexibility training exercises, you should add some strength training as well. If you only do strength training exercises, try doing some yoga or tai chi a few times a week too. 

Supplementing Exercise

There are ways that you can improve your workouts and in turn improve your strength and flexibility. It is important to supplement your strength and flexibility training regiment with a healthy diet plan as well. Consuming a diet rich in high quality protein can help you to build lean muscle. Eating the right foods is the best way to make the most of your workouts. If you are looking for ways to add protein to your diet, you can try shakes and smoothies while on the go. If you do not have time to prepare a full meal, a shake or smoothie is a great way to make sure that you can still consume enough protein. You can also consume lean protein in the form of whole foods like fish and skinless chicken breast. Eating foods like these can help you to build lean muscle without gaining troublesome fat as well. Other foods that are high in protein include nuts, tofu, seeds, and beans. 

Some people like to enhance their workouts by using supplements. Supplements can help people to build muscle faster. They can also help people to feel more energized so that they can work out harder and longer. Be safe when using supplements and remember that they are not a substitute for proper diet or adequate stretching. Even if you are highly energized by a pre-workout powder product, you should still take the time to slowly and gently stretch before getting into a strenuous muscle building workout. 

Exercise by Living

There are a wide variety of fun and enriching physical activities that help promote flexibility. Yoga and tai chi are two ancient methods used to improve lean muscle strength and build flexibility. Some people think that yoga is only used to increase flexibility. Yoga is also a great way to tone and build muscle. Tai chi helps promote flexibility and it also helps promote mental clarity. If you want to improve your yoga or tai chi practice, it might be a good idea to first take a look at your flexibility training. You may want to spend more time stretching before and after these activities or even add individualized flexibility training sessions. Go to Motherhoodcommunity for some yoga fitness tips.. 

In general, your workouts should consist of a balanced mix of cardio, resistance training, and flexibility training. If you are not sure how to plan your workouts, you may want to work with a personal trainer. Personal trainers can teach you new exercises and improve your form with exercises that are already a part of your fitness routine.

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