5 Beginner Tips for Buying and Using Condoms

As far as sexual intercourse or physical pleasure is concerned, you will always want to have a great experience. This is a lovemaking process with someone special or just taking good care of your desires, needs, or wants.

Mostly, couples fail to avoid pregnancy while they address their physical wants. Condoms are the best ways to prevent STIs and pregnancy.

The eternal question is, do condoms enhance pleasure? If yes, which kondome are best is better for lovemaking? To help you buy and use condoms for the first time, here are tips to look at:

1. Determine What You Want

Determine the types of condoms you wish to buy before going to a local shop. The kind of condom you need usually depends on what shape and size you want and if you also need extras like spermicide or lubrication.

Plus, you need to know if you or your significant other has a latex allergy. If you or your partner have an allergy, you need to avoid condoms manufactured from this material. Apart from latex, condoms can also come in various materials, including lambskin and polyisoprene.

2. Go for the Right Size

Condoms normally stretch a lot. Only a few people require magnum-sized condoms. However, men who require such condoms find them more comfortable. It would be unwise for regular-sized men to go for magnum-sized condoms since any prezervatyvai, which is too big, may slip off easily.

3. Check Storage and Packages

Always go for fresh condoms during sexual acts. Condoms usually come with a limited shelf-life, so you should check the expiry date on the package before using one.

You should also use condoms that are stored in a dry and cool environment. Plus, remember to inspect condoms for any cuts or holes.

4. Learn How to Use Condoms

It is recommendable that you use a lubricant when engaging in anal sex so as to avoid the condom from breaking. Remember to also look at the lube you use to ensure it doesn’t damage your condom.

You may as well use any kind of lubricant with polyurethane condoms. Oil-based lubrication, such as Vaseline and body lotions, is not convenient to use with polyisoprene or latex condoms.

It would be wise to go for water-based lubricants, which cannot reach with condom material. Some medications to treat certain conditions, such as pessaries and creams, might as well make condoms weaken and even risk splitting.

5.Know the Cost

On average, regular ‘all fit’prezervatyvai cost approximately $0.98 per piece. You might also get a cheaper deal when you buy them in a pack of three.

However, like other commodities, condoms with additional features will come at a higher price tag. The condoms may include spiral, studded, extra thin, and other novelty condoms, which you may buy from the internet.

Closing Remarks!

Using a condom is the best way to protect yourself from pregnancy and STIs. While it can be a little embarrassing to ask or buy condoms, your health matters.

It is not a must you have an ID or reach 18 years old so as to buy a condom.If you also stay in a place with free health clinics, you might be lucky to get them for free.

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