Tips To Make Your Conference Event A Success – Prepare In Advance With Essential Venue And AV Setups

When thinking of a conference room, a typical rectangular shaped room with an extended table may be the first thing to come to mind. While this is a classic conference style room for a reason, conference rooms can take on many shapes and sizes.

Common Venue Styles in Conferences and Other Events

A venue can make a large impact on the success of an event. And depending on the event, a venue should also be well-suited for the capacity and purpose. This includes making sure that the event hosts the correct av conference room equipment which can and should vary depending on what will be taking place.

For example:

  • Tutorials and workshops are commonly held in round-style theatres and classrooms, allowing for open ended discussions among the host and attendees.
  • Conference or committee meetings call for a more traditional setup such as the classic conference style table, a u-shape table, or a hollow square.
  • Social functions need a space where people can mingle which is where a reception style room comes in handy.
  • Any form of technical session can be hosted in a theatre, where screens and sound will be easily available for all attendees.

Best AV Accessories to Utilise in Your Event

Depending on which event is hosted, some common AV necessities include:

  1. Wireless microphones that can be passed from speaker to the question or comment maker.
  2. A podium microphone/s.
  3. Projectors and screens. Placement is essential and all attendees should be able to easily see what is being displayed on screen.
  4. Clear sound functions including speakers that can easily be connected to a laptop and other sources of information.
  5. Lavalieres or lapel microphones for speakers to provide comfortability and ease of movement.
Pritam Chakrabortty
Pritam Chakrabortty
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