Moving can be harsh on the environment, considering that movers make many driving trips back and forth and accumulate a lot of waste. Everyone makes a huge environmental impact every time they move. Thankfully, standard practices of packing and moving have involved several eco-friendly purchases. For instance, skipping single-use plastic packing supplies goes a long way in conserving the environment. Here are some tips for conducting a sustainable move.

Recycle or donate unnecessary items

Before you begin packing for a move, go through your items room by room, from clothes to utensils, and make a collection of the things you don’t need in your new home. You can sell some of the items, donate to charity or recycle some of them. If you intend to dispose of some electronics and batteries, remind yourself that e-waste does more harm to the environment. You can give them out to large electronic shops to recycle them on your behalf.

Pack in the containers you already have

Before you think of purchasing packing boxes, try to pack in the containers you already have. Consider using your suitcases, plastic bins, reusable grocery totes, dresser drawers, duffel bags, and gym bags. Try fitting items into each other to minimize your load. Using the packing containers you already have saves you from purchasing other moving boxes.

Store packing boxes and bags even after your move.

Every time you get eco-friendly boxes and shopping bags, store them throughout the year. If you know that you have an upcoming move, start to store boxes that you receive with packages to use later on. You can keep them in your basement, under the beds, or even in your garage.

Ask your local stores for leftover boxes.

Buying moving boxes should only be the last option. Before you think of that, ask your local stores for leftover boxes that they don’t use. Many stores will be happy to give them out for free, especially if you are a customer. You can find plenty of boxes in liquor stores, grocery stores, and drug stores. You can also ask your friends if they have used boxes they can lend you. If you require more boxes, get them used for a more environmentally friendly move.

Hire a green moving company

Hire a green moving company that is committed to eco-friendly practices during a move. For instance, a green moving company uses moving trucks that run on biodiesel fuel than traditional gas. They can also hook you up with reusable moving boxes to avoid having to worry about using cardboard boxes. Choose a moving company that is dedicated to keeping the environment clean.

Avoid making trips back and forth.

During your moving day, skip the back and forth short trips by gathering everything for shipping at once. Pack as much in your car instead of making short trips to get things little by little. The fewer trips you and your movers make during the day, the better it is on the environment because it reduces fuel emissions.


Recycle moving boxes, use a green moving company, donate and recycle unnecessary items to conduct a sustainable move.

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