Creating Your Shopify Store: Should You Hire a Developer or Do It Yourself?

So you have product photographs, written content, and a logo. You are now ready to begin creating your Shopify POS.

But you don’t have much time, you’re unsure about specific details, or you know some aspects will be quite complex.

Is it necessary to employ a Shopify web developer, or can you do it yourself? Or maybe you and the coder can share the workload? What parts?

Before we get into the specifics, let’s start with the essential component.

Is It Simple to Create a Shopify Store?

If you believe yourself to be highly tech-savvy, if you grew up with technology, or if you like learning new things, you will be competent and likely enjoy developing your own business.

Professionals may be required solely for particular tasks. For example, if you have a unique product with customization possibilities, you will need the assistance of a developer with the coding.

Or if you have a product that is both environmentally sustainable and ethical, and you want to educate people about its ingredients or manufacturing process. Then you may wish for a bespoke landing page with a distinctive design. A developer may create this or use a landing page builder such as Shogun or Pagefly. I prepared an article on Shopify page builders, which you can see here: The Best Landing Page Builder for Shopify – Shogun vs Pagefly vs GemPages.

The following are the most critical abilities for creating your store:

ability to read and understand written instructions in articles and guides

These basic visual design abilities include cropping photographs, knowing dimensions and resolution, and keeping file sizes small.

  • Being capable of learning new interfaces
  • A design sense
  • Bonus points if you know a little coding. Completing some brief online HTML classes would be beneficial. For this, I prefer Team Treehouse.

So, is it simple to create a Shopify shop on your own? It all relies on your abilities and the intricacy of your shop. But I will say one thing: working with a professional saves time without a doubt. Work that ordinarily takes 30 minutes may be completed in 5 minutes by someone with expertise simply because they know the best tools and the most effective manner to do the task.

How Much Time Does It Take to Create A Shopify Store?

This will vary greatly depending on the size of your website.

It will be much faster if you want to offer five basic goods with a very simple theme than if you have a range of 500+ products in various sizes and colours, divided into many groups and filters.

The “typical” shop setup takes me around 20 hours of real labour, plus 10 to 20 hours of project management and client communication.

Keep in mind that I’ve done a lot of setups and no longer need as much time for research. Therefore, you should probably double or treble this 20-hour estimate.

The basic truth is that you can probably afford the time if you don’t work 9 to 5.

However, if you work full-time, have a family, and start a side company, having someone skilled nearby would surely help speed things up and give direction in spots where you get stuck.

Sometimes you might become buried in the study and not know which option is best. This will be stated in one blog post and not in another. In these cases, consulting someone with expertise may be beneficial. —

The following three criteria should help you decide whether to hire someone or handle the task yourself.

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